Write a program for job scheduling in c++

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i need a code in 'c' for the student and admin both.

C/C++ Program for Priority Scheduling Algorithm

where choice is asked, about your identity whether u r a student or admin. If u r admin then type your name and password and if password is correct then u can update,search,delete,modify,enter details of students. You will write a C or C++ program to implement a Shortest Job First (SJF) 4) Priority Scheduling (PRIO) The detailed algorithms are already described in class and Chapter 5 in the textbook.

Task Information The task information will be read from an input text file. The format is. SJF is Shortest Job First scheduling which is based on criteria that whichever process having least burst time will be executed first.

How do you write a simple C++ code for an offline reading program? How do I write a simple code in C for SJF scheduling (preemptive)?

How do I write a simple code in C# for SJF scheduling (preemptive)?. Not the answer you're looking for?

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C++ Program for Priority Scheduling Algorithm (Non Preemptive)

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Write a program for job scheduling in c++
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